making your own mind up; a multiplicity of role models; culture is stuck; consultants hate him; fractional work and fuzzy orgs
Plus: "ambition", and how to become an elite (build social capital)
2 lab 2 leak; 3 creator marketing strategies from Wren; Looking 4 book reccs
A recap; questions; intentions, not resolutions; who this newsletter is for (spoiler: it's me)
Ask what you can do for your audience.
WSB have managed to create a "believably weighted idea meritocracy" like Bridgewater Capital– except it surfaces trading ideas that are both funny and…
Success is like climbing hills. Cross into a valley where you find the trails easy, then climb up them.
New Year's resolutions. Plus: everything I've learned in 2020 about writing, tweeting, working, thinking, and managing my psychology. And an awful poem…
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