Apr 6, 2021Liked by Thomas Hollands

Hi! I love reading about how you are able to find these different point of views for such diverse topics but I would also love to read about your perspective on even some of the most mundane things in life. For someone who seems to have lived across the world, I would love to read about things like the process of moving, handling friendships, relationships, etc. As people change over the years and people move - how do you stay in touch and keep those core friendships vs moving on? This might not be your cup of tea to write about but just curious on your perspective. Always love learning new things from your posts. xx

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Feb 1, 2021Liked by Thomas Hollands

Hello! I thoroughly enjoy your writing and feel a kinship in how you examine and process things. I am continuously recommending your posts (blog & newsletter) to others because of consistent relevancy to whatever conversation I may be engaged in. I just wanted to express my support and provide encouragement to just keep doing what you’re doing. :)

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