Jan 15, 2022Liked by Thomas Hollands

I can’t say anything I’ve liked I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to anybody else; if I like something, I’m going to tout it. But so, RE: book recommendations…(btw, I pretty much only read existential fiction)

Colson Whitehead is one of my favorite authors, and many of his novels are set in the microcosms of niche industries yet impressively relate back to greater American society (macro), particularly through the Black perspective. Of course, they also handle broadly relatable themes, such as identity, power, history, Capitalism, etc. He is a master of descriptive metaphor and the overlaying narratives.

Onto the books:

-John Henry Days (industry: press junket hoofers, USPS stamps, folk music)

-Apex Hides The Hurt (industry: naming of brands/products, small town politics)

-The Intuitionist (industry: elevators/elevator inspecting, competing factions within a shared industry)

Glad to see the return of the newsletter!

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