Bluezones; Immigration and the value of experts; My theme for the year

March 2022

making your own mind up; a multiplicity of role models; culture is stuck; consultants hate him; fractional work and fuzzy orgs

January 2022

Plus: "ambition", and how to become an elite (build social capital)
2 lab 2 leak; 3 creator marketing strategies from Wren; Looking 4 book reccs
A recap; questions; intentions, not resolutions; who this newsletter is for (spoiler: it's me)

April 2021

Ask what you can do for your audience.

January 2021

WSB have managed to create a "believably weighted idea meritocracy" like Bridgewater Capital– except it surfaces trading ideas that are both funny and…
Success is like climbing hills. Cross into a valley where you find the trails easy, then climb up them.
New Year's resolutions. Plus: everything I've learned in 2020 about writing, tweeting, working, thinking, and managing my psychology. And an awful poem…

December 2020

Why the conventional view of strategy can't handle the truth (about the future). Some learnings from the Uncertainty Mindset.
New year new job. Plus: pretty pictures of Portuguese peaks.
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